Government Housing Grants for Women

Going to college for a four-year degree or beyond opens up the doors for many women to improve their life situations. For many women, going away to college presents the most beneficial opportunity. When going away to college, women get to experience life on their own in addition to receiving a beneficial education. However, the cost of college room and board is high. In some cases, it is insurmountable. Many women cannot afford to pay upwards of $20,000 per year to live on the campus of their choice.

Luckily, there are housing grants and scholarships available just for women. There are also a number of non-gender-specific grants and scholarships that women are eligible to win.

Federal Grants

Federal grants are available to all people based on income level, not just women. But women may be more likely to obtain federal grants, especially if they have children who are in college or for whom they are paying tuition at another school. Federal grants pay for all college expenses, including living expenses while a woman is in college.

Contributing to whether or not a person is eligible for federal grants is a person’s income and whether or not other family members are in college. Income for those with dependents is at a lower threshold, and people who are paying college expenses for other students also get larger grant amounts. Women may be more likely to get federal grants because they may be more likely to have dependents.

State Grants and Scholarships

In addition to the federal Pell Grant, many states offer grant and scholarship programs. Though most of these grant and scholarship opportunities are open to men and women, they also tend to offer money for housing. For example, Arizona students have the chance to win a state grant that allows them to travel to a four-year school if they desire. Arizona students who have attended and done well at community college may be eligible for these scholarships, which allow them to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university which likely requires not only travel and higher tuition, but also living expenses.

Private Scholarships and Grants

Strangely, many women stop looking for scholarships and grants for housing after they have found out what the federal and state governments have to offer. However, some of the best scholarships for women can actually be found at the organizational level. Non-profit organizations, faith groups, and even private companies offer grants and scholarships specifically for women. Many of these grants and scholarships are geared toward helping women improve their situation or making the playing field level for them in terms of education and future job opportunities.

The following is a list of some of the private organizations that women can call on to learn more about grants and scholarships that allow them to pay for housing.

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund was created to offer educational opportunities to low-income women. The scholarships can be used for tuition, or they may be used for housing costs — even if a student is living off campus. In fact, one of the primary reasons that the fund was established was so that women who were the heads of their households could go to school — women who live in houses or apartments and attend an accredited university, college, or vocational school.

Students who receive this scholarship can be pursuing a two-year associate’s degree, first four-year bachelor’s degree, and even a vocational credential. Students can use the funds they obtain for rent or mortgage payments, utilities, transportation, childcare, books, and tuition. The scholarship is aimed at helping women in the ways that are best for them, so that is why it is so flexible.

However, women must be from low-income backgrounds to obtain the scholarship. Income guidelines are posted on the organization’s website. According to Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship, more than 97% of those who received scholarships in the past had either graduated or were still in school.

School Grants, Scholarships, and Assistanceships

Many schools offer scholarships, grants, and assistanceships to women only, and many of these awards can be used for housing. For example, women pursuing their bachelor’s degrees are often available for scholarships and grants that universities’ departments or contributors to the universities have set aside for women who are achieving in certain areas, classes, or subjects. Asstanceships generally require that women work for a department, but in return they are paid a wage which they can use on housing costs, in addition to money off of their tuition.

American Association of University Women Awards

Whether you’re entering a bachelor’s program or finishing your PhD, the American Association of University Women offers a number of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and awards for women who are trying to make a name for themselves in higher education. There are many awards, including those given by state and local associations, and each has its own requirements for what the money can be used for.

However, women may be able to use AAUW funds for housing expenses. It is important that women look through all the funds available, including fellowships, grants and scholarships, and women should not think that just because they are farther on in their education that they won’t be able to get housing grants.

Many fellowships and assistanceships are given specifically to help women with daily expenses while they are pursuing their educations. Women should consider joining their local AAUW to learn more about the grants and scholarships that may be available on a national and local scale.

Professional Associations

Many organizations and industries offer professional associations for women, and those professional organizations tend to offer scholarships and grants that can be used to pay for housing. For example, the Society for Women Engineers offers a large amount of scholarships for women who are entering an engineering field. Even though the national organization offers these scholarships, the local organizations also offer smaller scholarships.

Women who plan to go into a number of professions, including mathematical and science professions, the ministry, education, and business, should check to see if the profession that they hope to join has a woman’s organization. If so, they may find that they can obtain a grant or scholarship that will cover housing costs.

Individuals should be careful to review the information about each grant or scholarship, though, to ensure that it can be used for housing. Some professional organizations offer scholarships that cover both tuition and fees, and these organizations will allow you to use the funds to pay for housing as well, if you live on campus. However, some organizations do not let you use scholarships for housing even if you do live on campus.

Girl Scout Scholarships

Young women who have just graduated from the Girl Scouts are eligible for a number of scholarships from the organization, many of which can pay for housing and expenses in addition to tuition costs. The scholarships depend on where a Girl Scout has participated in her troop and where she plans to go to school.

However, the national Girl Scout organization offers a website that lists all of the scholarships that former and current Girl Scouts are eligible for. Individuals can search these scholarships by state. Some of these scholarships are minor — bringing in only $1,000. However, other scholarships offer several thousand dollars in scholarships.

Regardless of the amount that a girl scout is eligible for, every little bit benefits her. For this reason, women who have recently been a part of the Girl Scouts should not forget the opportunity to learn more about their scholarship programs.

Philanthropic Educational Organization

Women who recieve scholarships from the PEO may obtain up to $2,000 in support for themselves and their families while they go back to school. This money can be used to help women provide for their families in terms of housing. The organization also offers other scholarships, including $10,000 scholarships to those who want to study in the United States from abroad. Another program by the PEO supports women just graduating from high school to pay for a college education.

Sports Scholarships

At most universities, women’s athletics are an important part of university life. Women who are involved in athletics may find themselves eligible for full-ride scholarships that cover both tuition and room and board costs. However, even those women who are not eligible for scholarships from the university they are attending may be eligible for sports scholarships from women’s sporting associations, women’s athletic shops, etc.

Women who play in local sporting events, like local women’s volleyball, soccer, basketball, or other sports hosted by an athletic association may be eligible for a scholarship from that organization. In fact, a number of YWCA organizations offer women’s scholarships that may pay for housing or room and board/living expenses.

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Organization

Women who are interested in joining the culinary field may be eligible for a scholarship or internship from the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Organization. This organization offers a myriad of scholarships to women who are seeking college degrees or training that will prepare them to work in the restaurant industry.

Women who are interested in these scholarships and internships can visit the organization’s website. It features a number of scholarships and internships that have different application requirements and can be used for different costs. Some, especially internships, offer funding for housing and other related expenses. These scholarships, awards and internships offer an excellent opportunity, not just for women to get money for college but to work in the field of their choice and to receive an excellent honor from a reputable organization.

Beginning Your Search For Funds

From professional organizations and colleges to local organizations and chapters, there are many grants and scholarships that will pay for a college woman’s housing and living expenses. However, women will only learn about these scholarships if they begin to do research. Although there are so many scholarships for women available, not all of these scholarships are available to all women. Similarly, not all of the scholarships can be used for housing and living expenses.

Women who are interested in supplementing their housing funds with grants and scholarships should start by making a list of the scholarships they find that are for specifically women or that women are eligible for. Then they should make a separate list of those scholarships that will pay for housing expenses. Women should begin to apply for these first, leaving the rest for their free time after they have completed all of the other applications. Women might want to set a goal of completing a certain number of applications per day. This way, they can stay on track, because the more applications submitted, the more women are likely to win an award.


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    Can I get housing grants to go back to high school so I can pay my bills and.take care of
    my children

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      I already have a school but looking for grants or scolarhips where do I go from here?

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        I really need help in looking for grants for housing so i can go college.

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      When you read other people’s comments and then re-read your own, do you see that you need to seriously work on your writing skills? You need to be able to articulate in writing, clearly and succintly, what are the needs you have identified with which you need assistance. No one can do this for you. You have to first help yourself before asking others to ‘do it for you’.

      Surely your high school counselors and academic advisors could have assisted you with applications and writing of a grant proposal.

      Your requests sounds more like a scam – requesting ‘vouchers’ which probably means gift certificates for your living expenses. It might serve you better to create a website or facebook page whereby others can get to know you before making decision on wether or not they want to ‘gift’ you with assistance. You would appear more legitimate if you set up some type of account at your school designated to receive donations to help you with your school / living expenses. Everyone – except the upper 1% – is having financial cutbacks and tightening of their own budgets; should someone want to generously donate their own hard earned money, they want assurance that it will be supervised and spent appropriately.

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        How dare you SCOLD THIS PERSON FOR SIMPLY ASKING FOR HELP! YOU RUDE POMPOUS JACKASS! This is the reason why people are afraid to ask for help because of insensitive jerk offs like you! You wrongfully judged this woman. Maybe her reason for returning to school is to better herself/writing. Did that ever occur to you?! No! It meant more to you to beat up on someone you thought you were better/ “smarter” than. Ha! Please! If your intent was to educate, that could have been achieved in a more classy way. Not in the degradating way you chose! Check yourself and your intentions before checking someone else’s!

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          But if the person is an American who then had an education paid for by tax money, then they should know by the time they are of adult age to not type in all CAPS like that. I mean didn’t they learn anything from first grade through 12th grade? I would be ashamed to write like that. I’m not even going to read anything that is all CAPS like that because maybe the person does not even live in this country, or has had any education at all. If any of us would like some help with any college education we have to present ourselves with some dignity within our writing. Doesn’t the person want someone to respect what they wrote? No person, not even me or you, will qualify to go to any college if they can’t pass any higher grade reading and writing level first. You have to be able to read and write at a college level before you should be allowed to attend there. Makes me wonder if you gave them anything being that you defended a lower level representation like that. I bet you didn’t send them anything either. You also hid behind your “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” handle too. lol

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            Not everyone learns at the same level, or in the same way!! I know several lower functioning students who wrote with similar writing abilities and worked with a slower mentality….yet still wanted to be educated and most people, even in this situation still want a better quality of life! It’s all this person knows, so no, you don’t judge their plea for help!!! I always say that I won’t help someone unless they are willing to help themselves….and this person is trying to help their self in the only way they know!!! Who are you to judge how this person asks for help???? Be grateful that they aren’t one of the ones who are content to be on a system…..they are thinking and asking and looking for something better!!!! Good for you for looking for better!!! Don’t let people like the person above discourage you…..keep asking questions, and learning whatever you can, in whatever way you can!!!! Blessings and best of luck to you!!!

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          How can you say old school was rude. I didn’t see any kind of rudeness. He explained everything to the point of what her post sounded like. I agree 100% with him what he said. He wasn’t putting anyone down! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS RUDE.! HOW DARE YOU REACT TO SOMEONE ELSES SAYING CHECK YOUR INTENTIONS BEFORE CHECKING SOMEONE ELSES! You are the rude one who should practice what you preach! what s funny your name says NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! I’m really curious how old you are and are you male or female ? Doesn’t really matter because its none of my business! You sound very immature and pathetic! I forgot to say I am a proud Pre School Teacher with a degree in Child Development. My major now is Psychology!

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        P.S. You spelled whether incorrectly. You spelled it wether. Are you sure you are educated?

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    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am currently enrolled in school and it has been a real struggle the last two years staying in school full time and having to work full time. I don’t have much time to focus on school because I have to work to maintain my living expenses, utilities, car payment and insurance. I want so badly to cut my full time hours to part time so I can really focus on school and finish in a timely manner. I have no one to help me. I am hardworking and push myself everyday. Is there any hope for me?

    I pray everyday for a miracle, being in school and staying in school is a dream I want to accomplish to make a better life for my self and be able to give back to the community.

    • Reply pre med major July 20, 2016 at 8:43 pm

      I absolutely agree. The nerve. This is the exact reason society is so out of whack. Shes asking for help to provide herself an education which is the FIRST step when not knowing where to start. With so many other responsibilities like people who do not have the advantage of parental help to afford having a 4.0 GPA as well as a full time job, kids, bills and anything else that adds to the stress of college classes. old school has just proven how grotesque society can be. LOL at the comment ” should someone want to generously donate their own hard earned money, they want assurance that it will be supervised and spent appropriately”. Don’t you see that’s what we already do as a society to that 1%. LOL shame on you! I do tighten my budget paying 33% of our paycheck to the govt to spend on congress to take weeks upon weeks of paid vacation. Who would you prefer your hard earned cash going to? Someone working towards being a respectable member of society or to congress making 200k plus a year while not doing their jobs? I guess you would choose the latter. people shouldn’t be so obnoxious when they choose to look for resources.

  • Reply june lordi February 22, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    i am a massage therapy director at a local private college. many of my students are young africal american women and men who have done well to get an associate degree, take a national exam and are ready to look for employment. However the main thing that deters them from filing their state licensing application, which is needed to begin work in their field, is the $150. application fee. They do not have the extra money to send, yet as soon as they do the jobs are available. Are there grants in the small denomination that they need available? Thanks you

  • Reply Esther March 1, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Am writting from Zambia the southern pary of africa, and I have been wantig or dreaming of opening
    Skills training centre in rural part of our country. The centre is meant to carter for girls that have dropped out of school either due to pregnancyor because they can not meet thegrades for them to continue school.
    Could someone kindly assist me to make my dream come true? I have great passion for young girls because. When they drop out of school their next destination is marriage, and this is not out of,
    their choice but forced on them by their parents and guardians. Levels of early marriages are quite high in our country especially in the rural set up.
    I will be looking forward to positive responses.

  • Reply Terri C March 4, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    my name is Terri I am a junior attending Flordia A&M university my major is political science with a concertration in prelaw and I am in finanicial need im working two jobs to finish my undergrad, Iv’e everything that i have saved has went towards paying my rent.Ive done everything i can for myself and I am in need of assistance.

  • Reply Robbynne Smith March 7, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    I am a 48 yr. old woman who is ready to jump on her scooter with a back pack and head back to college. Look out!!!! I have a high school ed. and 4 years college, looking for help to increase my knowledge and go toward another degree. I truely desire to walk into a room with extraodinary intellect

  • Reply Penny Yoas March 16, 2013 at 3:14 am

    I am back in school and am a 59 year old woman with less than $300 S. Security coming to me when I am of age. I am divorced with a grown son on his own. I live in a tool shed while carrying a 4.0 GPA! I have no running water or bathroom or kitchen. Previous to this I was able to rent a room. But, as soon as car costs came: insurance, registration, smog, and 1 parking ticket, I had to give up my room. Previous to this I lived in my car and on couches. Money for housing would be a Super Blessing. I am fine. We as human’s are so adaptible. I feel grateful for what I have right now, but , I would be even more grateful to have the amenities that a home provides.

  • Reply Caron Davis March 19, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I’m a single parent with 4 children 7,9,14,21 and my 9 and 14 years old are struggling in school, both are in resource classes. They need my help and with the small kids there are somethings that i can help them with, but i know that i need to go back to school . The 9th grade is when i dropped out. I was a teen mom and my mom was on drugs,so i start working any where that i could. Now at 36 years old working two jobs and still struggling, I need help getting back in school and getting my GED. I just don’t know how my rent is 725 monthly, utility 250 and internet and phone bills. Please is there any help for me ? I’m African American single parent that want to succeed and make a better life for my children and myself.

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  • Reply ElizabethG June 23, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Hi I am a full time student at a private four year college. This is my last year in college and the rates for housing have increased majorly. I am fully stressed with my economic situation and I’m in need financially.

  • Reply Valerie B. July 29, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Hi I am a full time nursing student and a single mother. I need help paying monthly expenses. I am stressed and scared. I am behind in rent, car note, and other bills. I don’t know what to do. My son needs school clothes and school supplies.. I really need help I want to be able to concentrate on school and become a nurse. I don’t want to worry how I’m going to pay bills, and take care of my son. I need help!!! Please help me… My goal is to become an LPN, fast track to RN and successfully take care of my son and myself.. Again I ask that you please help me.

  • Reply Kara B July 30, 2013 at 7:19 pm


    I am a sophomore at a 4 year private university. My biggest and hardest expense is my housing, next to my tuition, Do you have any grants or scholarships that could help me out in any way?

  • Reply sharonn perkins December 16, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    I am recently seperated from my husband. I have three children. I also have an associates degree in nursing but can’t get a nursing job because all the hospitals want BSN. Right now me and my children have out grown the one bedroom apartment we live in. I sleep in the living room. I don’t have money to move,can’t get a job with the degree I have. I don’t quailfy for low income housing and can’t afford moderate-high income housing. I FEEL STUCK!!! WE NEED HELP PLEASE! I’m trying to lead by example to show my children hard pays off!!

  • Reply Tamishika Daniels May 7, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Hello, I am a 27 years old inspired young black women who was sexually abused from the age of 4 to the age of 12, by a step brother. School wasn’t important to me and I didn’t know the reason for school at that time so I dropped out. I recently joined Houston Community College and because I didn’t finish school at first, life has been a challenge. Im majoring in Business Administrative and I love it, school has change my life. I really want to keep it up and don’t want any obsticals in my way. So if anyone read this, im letting know, this one wants it.

  • Reply Yasameen Hodjjatzadeh November 18, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Please help me fulfill my dad’s dying wish to complete my education. He is stage 4 brain cancer and has only a few months to live. I would love to put his mind at ease knowing that i have means of support in that regard
    Currently I am a senior in high school and applying for colleges for next year.
    Thank you very much in advance

  • Reply Crystal Zamarripa July 24, 2015 at 7:44 am

    I’m a first generation Hispanic college student that is completely independent. I am currently attending college out of state and am struggling to keep my grades up as high as possible while wrestling and working full time. I need to work full time because I have rent, bills, books, and college courses to pay and I’m wrestling because they pay half of my school along with it being one of my biggest passions. I’m currently studying Mathematics and Physics and looking to minor in Astronomy. I’ve been applying for scholarships but they are pretty hard to earn. I’ll keep trying though! Any assistance would be much appreciated, God bless you guys and fellow college students keep working at it!


  • Reply Sofia Racquel Zepeda August 19, 2015 at 6:19 am

    Hello ScholarshipsforWomen,
    My name is Sofia. I am a fifth year at Cal Poly Pomona. I have had a rough journey since day one at college. I am the first person to attend college in my family. I am the first in many families to go to college without a family to support or a home to live in. I struggled for years to find a stable residence. I finally have somewhere to live. It is not the best situation considering that I live with someone who is schizophrenic. My living situation needs to change and that is how this scholarship would benefit my life.
    Thank you,

  • Reply Some one dieing for help literally July 21, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    I’m a mother of two children that I love dearly and it’s tearing me apart that I’m seeking help and trying to get an education yet no one is actually helping me. I own a home and I own a car.I however cannot pay my utilities and should be still on disability. The organizations in the state of Mississipi are using that as an excuse not to help me. I actually worked three jobs at one point. I’ve been unemployed for 10 years. I became a victim of an extremely violent crime that left me with a Several disabilities. The state of Mississippi says my disability is more physical than mental. My mental state is better Yet they tells me that I can now do light task work at least one day out of a week in a third world country. I can however learn I have g00d grades. I can’t live while going back to college and I’m in fear daily of losing my two children in which I know is coming eventually and I’m in fear of dieing in my home when winter comes because I won’t have any utilities eventually and I have no where to go. I had two more years to go in school and just when my mind became clear enough to learn again I cannot even attend. People that are not trying to take care of there children not better themselves get help instantly or people with no disabilities that use all assistance for alcohol and drugs get help.

  • Reply Marie C. October 10, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Hello Scholarships for Women,
    I’m a single mother and I desire to go back to school and complete my education so that I can be a better help to society. Not having a college degree creates obstacles and barriers preventing one from achieving sufficient income so that I can provide for my family. Going back to school and getting a college degree will help me to be a help to my family as well as others. My living situation needs to change and I desire to help others.

    Marie C.

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