Scholarships for Tall Women

Financing higher education as early as possible is critical to having a successful college graduation ceremony. Many high school students are unaware of this fact. In recent years, college funding has become more competitive, and tuition costs continue to rise.

Although it may seem like an extra burden to chase down scholarships while also gathering supplementary documents, it is actually one of the most important parts of the learning process. After high school, a student’s grade point average is no longer enough to secure their diploma.

Female students who are above 5’10” can apply for scholarships based on height; however, during the search, you can also keep track of any other scholarships that you come across in the process. For example, while you are searching for scholarships for tall female students, other search results will appear. You can enter other information into various search engines in order to maximize your results.

This article will provide information about the most common tips and tricks on how to use every opportunity that exists for tall students who need to finance their education. Although the scholarships for tall students are an important launching point, it is not necessarily the end of the journey. The goal of this article is to integrate all of the relevant information in order to provide a comprehensive financial strategy for people who don’t have enough money to graduate.

Typical Scholarship Applications

Most scholarship applications have a list of requirements that must be met in order for applicants to remain eligible for the award. This list might be short, or it might require many hours of preparation. As a rule of thumb, the scholarships that offer a larger award also require more work.

Every application will require something slightly different from the student, and the best strategy for tackling multiple applications is to stay organized. Collect all of your scholarship-related documents and keep them in a safe, dry place.

Protective sleeves should be used on all documents that cannot easily be duplicated. Examples of these critical documents include school transcripts, letters of recommendations, certificates and related materials. Every achievement that you have documented can be a potential asset to your scholarship application. Keep a running list of all actions you take that could potentially improve your profile.

Keep Track of All Scholarship Opportunities

While you are collecting all of this useful information, make sure that you always have one eye open for related opportunities. While there certainly are scholarships for tall students, these opportunities do not happen as frequently as you might hope.

However, it is a great starting point for researching the Internet for other awards. Tall female students might also wear glasses, have freckles or primarily use their left hand. There are scholarships for these attributes as well! Being tall is just one funding criterion for students who want to continue their education beyond high school.

Whether you are taking advantage of one of the scholarships for tall students or are simply applying for a scholarship related to your major, it is important to have some documentation ready to submit with your application. This documentation provides a thumbnail picture of your character and abilities as a student and as a member of your community.

Even if you are applying for one of the scholarships that are set aside for tall female students, it is always worth keeping track of other opportunities as well. Again, organization is the key to winning one of these prizes. Students who lose track of their documents or who misplace important scholarship information will have a harder time winning than a student with excellent organizational habits.

Organizations For Tall Students

Some people still think that the idea of a scholarship for tall students is too far-fetched to be real. While these awards are not the most common scholarships, they certainly do exist. Students who qualify are always advised to apply. It does not matter what the odds are of winning! If you qualify, you should apply.

The worst thing that could happen is that you get a rejection letter. The best thing that could happen is that you learn a lot from the application process. If you win the scholarship, you will know that your written communication skills have really improved. Persistence is always going to factor into any successful project.

A scholarship for tall students can help you pay for college. It helps to become a member of an organization that exists in order to promote the careers of tall individuals. The membership requirements for these various organizations are always going to be unique, so make sure that you qualify before getting too excited about the scholarship for tall women.

Remember that there is a lot to learn by going through the application process. This attitude will help keep you focused on attaining your goal. By cultivating this approach, your disposition will begin to come across in your essay writing style. Scholarship committees are always on the lookout for bright and articulate students with a positive outlook on life.

Boston Beanstalks Tall Club Scholarship

This organization accommodates high school seniors who meet their criteria for height, age, residency, academic achievement and community activities. The student must be at least 5’10” for females and 6’2” for males. The student, regardless of other considerations, must be under 21 years old at the time of application.

In addition to these basic requirements, this scholarship requires the applicant to write an essay on what it means to be tall. The essay must be formatted with a particular typeface, on a paper of a specific size and must be submitted before a deadline.

Application Tips

Be sure to visit the website to review all of the application instructions. Tall students who wish to apply should also acquire two letters of recommendation for submission with the application. These letters should have a recent date on them, and they should not be overly generic.

This letter should be written by someone who can reflect a good relationship with the student in writing. Generic letters of recommendation do not tend to make a significant impact. If you know of a teacher or counselor who is willing to provide details that describe your character and abilities, you will create a winning impression. Other items may include a photograph for publicity, a transcript and a completed application form.

Interested student applicants should check this list of requirements in order to make sure that they are eligible for the scholarship. Even if you do meet every requirement, your application will be subjected to close scrutiny. One of the most common reasons a student is turned down for a scholarship, which they would otherwise qualify for, is an incomplete application or lack of supporting documentation.

Always make sure that you can support every claim. If you are unsure about any of the acceptable documents or other requirements, contact someone from the organization right away. Make sure that you have the correct contact person. Most scholarship applications will provide this designated name and number right on the form. Contacting the wrong person with your questions is a serious mistake!

Documentation should be collected in advance. This is also true for any extra activities that took place outside of the school area. Whether you volunteered at a local nonprofit or are currently involved in a community group, make sure that you acquire a paper trail of these activities. They can be used on future applications.

You never know when other aspects of your life will support your bid for a tall student scholarship. Any evidence of involvement in community service or other volunteer activities will look good on your application. Try to find someone who will give you constructive feedback before submitting it.

Tall Clubs International

This organization has only one winning applicant that will win the tall student’s scholarship award. This means that there is a good amount of competition for the prize every year. Students should consider all of their options carefully and seek to apply for as many scholarships as possible. In fact, it is a good idea to join the TCI for the purposes of finding other tall scholarships for which you might qualify.

The scholarship is generally awarded to students who are in their first year in college or their last year in high school. The application and other instructions for this prize can be found easily online by going to the website

Searching this website directly for information about their scholarship for tall students is an important first step to winning the prize. While you are there, take a look at the other resources that are made available to all students. It is also a good idea to look at the many other websites that refer back to the TCI scholarship. There is a good rationale for this strategy: Each website will provide additional information and resources. It is not possible to get too much information about financing your educational goals.

Search Engine Guidelines

Even if you are only searching for tall student scholarships, there is a lot of additional information available to individuals who are actively browsing these sites. You never know what you will find when conducting an open search, even if it the focal point is finding tall student scholarships. For example, a generic search for tall student scholarships might lead you to the TCI scholarship by a different route. Your first inclination might be to think that you are already aware of this award, but take a closer look.

You will learn a lot if you simply follow the lead and just go to instead of discarding that information because you already knew about it. On the new website, you can gain access to a variety of resources that you would not otherwise find by just going to the TCI website directly. This is a search engine technique that takes advantage of the information you already know in order to find new information that you did not know.

On this particular website, you can browse through a variety of scholarships, which are listed on the left side of the page. The main text gives you a thorough guide to winning the scholarship. On this site, you should pay attention to the requirements that are expected of the winning applicant, which might include a banquet ceremony. The instructions for downloading the application are provided.

Height Requirements and Eligibility

A word of warning to students who might think that there is a bit of room for interpretation on the height requirement: There is none. Make sure that you have acquired valid documentation that proves your height. If there is even the slightest doubt that you do not actually meet the minimum height requirement, your application could be rescinded. However, if you honestly believe that you meet the requirement and have current documentation, you should certainly apply right away.

This last section addresses the issue of interpreting the total value of an award. While it is true that traditional scholarships follow a similar pattern, such as an application and essay requirement, there are new awards appearing all of the time that do not conform to this traditional definition. These are not scholarships for tall students in the traditional sense, but they are still money-saving devices that can be used by tall students in order to provide financing for higher education.

Foundations and Clubs for Tall Students

Some of these opportunities can come from places within your own community. When you contact a local organization, start the conversation by asking about information on scholarships for tall women. If they do not offer scholarships based on height, they might offer one to female students. You can use this strategy as an ice breaker when initiating a conversation. If you are shy, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to overcome these feelings in order to learn more about what the organization offers to members of the surrounding community.

Some organizations will limit their application pool through:

  • Membership: If you have to become a member of the organization in order to qualify, make sure that you are aware of their other requirements before signing up. You might have to wait for a period of time before becoming eligible to apply. Once you become a member, make sure that people know who you are and what you are doing. People like to support individuals whose work they are already familiar with, and you can take advantage of this fact.
  • Club Nomination: Although clubs for tall students are not as common as other clubs, they do exist. A quick online search can get you started, but make sure that you also talk to people in your area about opportunities close to where you live. Statistically, tall female students looking for scholarships are more likely to win if they are already acquainted with other members of the same organization. Research the history of past nominees to get a good idea of what attributes are valued by the organization.
  • Age Limitations: It can be discouraging to qualify for a scholarship for tall women only to find out that you do not meet their minimum or maximum age requirement. Prepare yourself in advance when searching for these scholarships. Every application for which you are ineligible is merely one step closer to finding the winning match. For tall students, there are likely to be many combinations of awards that you will use to finance your college education.

While searching for scholarships related to your height, don’t forget that this is just the starting line. There is a long road ahead, and you need to be mentally prepared if you want to finish the journey to college graduation. It will take a lot of determination, so start as soon as you can. Young applicants have many advantages over mature students who are returning to school. However, these young students also face additional challenges when trying to remain focused within a distracting environment.

Get Organized

If you are a tall student under 21 years old and want a college education, you will need to develop good organizational skills as quickly as possible. Clarity in your essay writing and an organized approach to preparing your application will make you stand out in a crowd of your tall peers.

There are other advantages to being organized. You will be able to apply to many scholarships at the same time, but it takes a clear and organized mind to be able to do this well. The process is just as important as the desired result.

This approach toward the application will help you get the most valuable experience possible from your efforts. During the process of collecting information, you will learn how to network, keep good records and present your ideas clearly. These are all professional qualities that resonate with many employers.

Candidates for scholarships often do not realize how much impact their essay and presentation can have on the final outcome of an application. They work together to provide the selection committee with an overall snapshot of your personality, goals and ambitions.

This is why presentation skills play a critical role in every winning scholarship application. There is much more to the process than being tall and having a high grade-point average. In a way, applying for a scholarship is like applying for a job: Work hard to create a good impression, and make sure your essay is free from grammar and spelling errors. A spelling error comes across in a scholarship application for tall students in the same way a stained shirt comes across in a job interview.

The Tall Scholarship Search Strategy

Once you have decided to go to college, it is time to get in the habit of planning ahead. If you do not feel comfortable with this, don’t worry. With a little practice, anyone can do it. The first thing you will need on this journey to a higher education is an open mind. The tall student scholarship is best viewed in the larger context of the award. There are many scholarships that are granted for unusual reasons. Individuals who are aware of this opportunity will immediately understand that a search for tall student scholarships is a great way to launch a more comprehensive search into the broader field of unusual scholarships.

Keyword Combinations

When searching on the Internet for scholarships for tall students, you may find yourself running out of good keyword combinations. Remember that putting quotations around several words will force the search engine to glue those words together. The search results will be quite different from the list you get without the quotation marks. This strategy can diversify your results, and it can help you find more opportunities online for tall students.

A successful online search begins with a variety of keyword combinations. After you exhaust your first list of possible search terms involving tall women scholarships, an online thesaurus is helpful in expanding the possible combinations.

When you have exhausted these possibilities, you can always ask a friend or classmate to help you come up with some new ideas. Combining the perspectives of different people often produce search results that you would otherwise not be able to come up with on your own.

Scholarship Search Sites

You can start with the department of education for dependable information about a variety of scholarship opportunities. The search engine on this site is extremely reliable. You should be ready to enter your personal information into their search database. The results will address your overall profile, and you can expand or narrow the search constraints as needed.

You can conduct a comprehensive search through multiple databases for any scholarships designed for tall female students. However, get ready to take notes on the other search results as well. This process can be surprising. Sometimes an indirect search is more fruitful than a direct search.

For example, the scholarship search site has a standardized process for students. You can find scholarships for being tall, being female, having a certain GPA score, majoring in a particular subject and much more. The application is easy to fill out, and it can be easily completed online within an hour. You can update the information on the site at any time, and you will be contacted for any scholarships that fit your profile.

Breaking Down Search Results

They do not offer scholarships for tall students on an ongoing basis, but these awards still appear in their list offerings from time to time. The scholarships for tall students that make it to this list are offered by organizations connected to a previously established network.

However, these results should never be seen as conclusive. There are always other scholarship search sites that will return a different list even when you use the same information. Free scholarship search sites do not guarantee that you will find a scholarship for being a tall student, but it is very likely that you will become informed of one if your information is already entered into their database. These sites notify you by email when new awards become available.

Never be concerned with the amount of search results that appear. Some scholarships allow for year-round applications, and new awards are always appearing. In fact, sometimes you can end up with a list of hundreds of scholarships that match your profile. During some points in the award cycle, you may only receive a list of around 50 applications. Just remember that the quantity has nothing to do with your ability to win a scholarship, and you should always be thinking of ways to improve your student profile.

Why should you search existing scholarship databases for tall student awards? There are many other related resources for students available on these sites. From career planning to alternative financing, the scholarship search sites often offer a variety of tips and tricks to help you navigate the college environment en route to graduation.

University Financial Aid Offices

There are many creative and unusual methods for finding scholarships for tall students. Sometimes it helps to contact these schools directly. Then you have a real person to talk to about any scholarships offered by the college. Even if they don’t offer a scholarship for tall students directly through the financial aid office, you might still be able to pick up a few more leads from the individuals you speak with there.

Check with your department chair as well. University and college faculty are more likely to open up to a person that they are speaking with face to face. Written communication skills are also critical, so make sure to develop a personable and friendly writing style.

Sometimes there is just no substitute for human contact. The ability to solve problems using human networks of one kind or another is a skill expected from every college student. By utilizing your existing networks, you will come across as a student who makes full use of any resources allotted to you. This impression could be useful in the future, and it is never too early to start refining your sales pitch.


Technically speaking, grants are different from scholarships; however, they are both considered to be a form of free funding. Neither scholarships nor grants need to be repaid.

Pell Grants are available to almost everyone applying for college, including tall students. Instead of filling out a scholarship application, you just need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which can be found on This is also the form that you need to fill out in order to qualify for internal scholarships from your school. It would be unfortunate to find a scholarship for tall students available through your financial aid office only to be denied funding because you forgot to fill out the annual FAFSA.

This is a standard requirement for most colleges and universities. Failure to complete the annual FAFSA is a common reason that students become unable to afford their tuition. Unless you take advantage of every grant, scholarship and loan available, it is unlikely that you will be able to afford a degree even after winning the tall student scholarship!

Other Requirements

Students who suddenly realize that they qualify for a scholarship for tall students may get very excited at the prospect of winning. Although this energy can be used to create a compelling application, the student should also realize that there are other requirements that need to be met just to pass the initial filtering stage.

Here are some steps that you can take to ensure that your application is complete before you submit your final version:

  • Completion: Make sure you have read all of the instructions. Every requirement that is listed must be met. If you fail to enclose a required item, your application will be rejected even if you meet the minimum height requirement.
  • Nomination: Membership and nomination by a club might be one of the requirements. If you are unable to join a club, and it is required, it is better to realize this at the beginning of the process. If you do not read all of the requirements before applying to the tall student scholarship, you might end up spending a lot of time without any real chance of winning. Other examples of things that might be required include extra activities, letters of recommendation and an essay. Make sure you can complete every item on the list before beginning the application process.
  • Salvage Your Work: Even if you do make a mistake and realize too late that you do not qualify for the scholarship, it is important that you do not become discouraged. Rejection is a common experience for students, especially those who have not filled out many scholarship applications. Instead of feeling bad about what happened, you can choose to save your work and find other scholarships that you can apply for using the work that you have already completed!

This attitude of strategic optimism will continue to grow as you gain experience in filling out applications for scholarships and grants. These skills will continue to develop once you gain acceptance into a college program, and they will serve you for your entire career. This is why it is so important that students look at the big picture and continue to find opportunities even in the toughest places.

The Direct Inquiry Strategy

There is really nothing that can compare to the experience of asking direct questions. Consider all of the local organizations that you interact with on a regular basis. You never know who might know about an organization that supports tall female college students. It may or may not be related to sports. In fact, the local banks and chamber of commerce often provide scholarships for many reasons.

There may already be someone you know in your community willing to share this valuable information with you. Just remember that they are more likely to provide you with useful information when they know that you are interested. Do you know where to look?

In the following three categories, there is considerable overlap. You can learn a lot just by speaking with members of private companies, public companies and local organizations:

  • Private Companies: The private sector generally operates through relationship networking. Human connections are the key to getting useful information from people who are involved in the private sector. You might be surprised how many companies are currently offering scholarships. In fact, some organizations are open to suggestions. If this is the case, why not try suggesting that they create a scholarship for tall students?
  • Public Companies: These companies may offer scholarships directly through their website. It is also helpful to know someone inside of the organization. Direct contact is generally the best method for getting accurate and relevant information, especially from employees of large companies. Networking in the public sector usually requires you to already have a contact who can point you in the right direction.
  • Local Organizations: Local non-governmental organizations frequently offer scholarships. There is a popular expression circulating that refers to the thousands of dollars in scholarship aid that is wasted every year. Unlike many other rumors out there, this one happens to be true. There are many organizations that offer scholarships; however, these companies might not know how to publicize the existence of their own scholarship application. A scholarship that no one knows about won’t do you much good. By taking a proactive approach, you will find the opportunities that others miss. This is another great skill that will serve you far beyond the college years.

Methods of Saving Money

With the rising costs associated with a college education, many tall students looking for scholarships express amazement at the total cost of their degree program. While this situation is understandable, it is also true that the Internet has provided an unprecedented amount of student access to high-quality information.

By fully utilizing all available resources, tall college students can maximize the value of every scholarship and grant. What good is a scholarship if you do not know how to wisely spend the money? A $1,000 scholarship can seem like a lot of money, but it will disappear very fast if you do not know how to squeeze the most value out of every scholarship dollar.

Fortunately for all college students, computer products and other school supplies can be purchased online at a discounted price. The academic superstore is one example of a site that offers steep discounts on many industry-standard software applications.

For example, a software package that retails for thousands of dollars can be purchased online for only a few hundred. If you buy these items with free scholarship money, you have essentially doubled the value of the scholarship. This technique can be used over and over in order to slash the costs associated with earning a college degree.

Examples of steep-savings opportunities available to students with valid college identification include:

  • Exam study guides, dictionaries, reference books, office applications and more. With an incredible variety of study materials and school supplies, the use of these smart-shopping tips can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time.
  • Medical and engineering reference guides. High-quality study and reference materials can be cheap. The savings on these items alone could easily add up to hundreds of dollars. This is money that you will not have to allocate with your general funds. Spending scholarship money on discounted items will increase the cumulative value of your scholarship.
  • Musical supplies, accessories and even discounted musical instruments. Whether you are pursuing music in a regular course of academic study or simply for extracurricular enjoyment, there are many common musical items that are offered at a discount to college students.
  • Computer monitors, scanners, microphones, keyboards, tablets, printers and ink, and much more. If you need an iPad, power supply port, a high-quality printer or other office supplies, your student status can save you the same amount of money that is offered by many traditional scholarships.

Many of these items are now considered essential supplies for any college program. Paying full price for ordinary consumables can quickly eat up a scholarship of any size. Scholarship management is as important as scholarship acquisition. You can increase your winnings by identifying sites that offer discounts to students for school supplies.

Over time, your collection will increase. If you don’t already know how to bookmark these pages in your browser, it is time to learn how to do it. Storing this information in a folder will allow you to quickly reference these valuable pages after you win that scholarship.

Any college student who earns a scholarship could maximize their benefits by purchasing their supplies from outlets that offer steep student discounts. Thinking creatively will allow you to develop the survival skills you will need after graduating from college. With so many opportunities for discounts online, tall students can benefit from a variety of savings. This strategy could effectively double the financial effect of any scholarship winnings!


  • Reply Amber Rewis December 11, 2013 at 1:45 am

    I have always been one of the most tallest people in my class. I am currently 5’11. People always say being tall is an advantage in many ball sports. I on the other hand am not so great when it comes to basketball, softball, or even soccer. It was in eighth where I found my calling, rowing. Being tall has significantly helped me in my rowing career. I have currently signed with Clemson University to be on the rowing team (next year, my freshman year). This has boosted my self confidence and you can find me wearing heels and embracing my genes!

  • Reply susannah edgren February 6, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    i need all the help financially i can get

  • Reply santanner edwards September 22, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    I’ve always hated being tall, during my pre-k years I would stand in the back with the boys. As I grew older I started playing basketball at first I wasn’t so good at it but now I’ve grown to do well at it. I use to have low self esteem about my height but now I am becoming comfortable as of wearing heels playing basketball better and I currently the captain of my high school dance team.

  • Reply Annie Burns August 12, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    Hey my name is Annie Burns and I’ve always been tall. I’m currently 6 foot 1 and been this tall since 7th grade and I’m now a senior. I use to hate being the tallest person walking around school especially a girl, but now I love it and appreciate it because I never would’ve thought I could receive a scholarship for it.

  • Reply Julie Heydrick November 13, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    I have always been much taller than all the girls and guys in my class. I am a senior in high school looking to major in Nursing or Kinesiology, but I am not sure how I am going to pay for school. I never though I could receive scholarship money just for being 5’10”! What a blessing that would be!

  • Reply Claire Thiessen October 21, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    My name is Claire and I am 5′ 11″ and I have been since 8th grade. I used to hate it, being taller than all the boys in elementary, middle and most of high school, but now I love it. I play Volleyball and it gives me quite the advantage! Being tall is better than being short!

  • Reply Reese Rigdon October 26, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    Growing up being tall has given me many disadvantages and advantages. Growing up i would always get made fun of for being tall. This would always put me down. I would get called names like the jolly green giant from the green bean commercials. This would always make me feel like an outcast. However being tall has helped me out too. I played volleyball for 9 years and this has helped me be better at this sport. Being tall in volleyball has helped me face that it is ok to be different. It has helped me because I would see all the other tall girls and made me feel comfortable. I am a 5’11” girl and this scholarship money would be very helpful and beneficial to my family and I.

  • Reply Abigael VandenHoek January 22, 2022 at 1:43 am

    Tall is relative, but it’s always been a word to describe me. I’ve been 5’11.75″ since seventh grade. I had to add the extra three-quarters of an inch simply because my shorter siblings will not let me claim to be an entire 6ft tall. In middle school I believed that being tall would at least give me an advantage in volleyball or basketball, but I have always been overweight, and height was obviously not the only defining factor. Even though I’m a senior and many of the guys have passed me now, I still can’t help but feeling like the largest person in the room. Just about every crush I have ever had has been significantly shorter than me, and I don’t want to like a guy simply because he is tall! Being this big has made me very self-conscious. I battled a lot of anxiety: mostly my own self judgement that I would not amount to much because I had grown so much. Yet somehow, I have found joy in being so tall. It has made me see past my physical self and focus on my heart and my personality. It used to bring me down emotionally, but now it has held me to a higher standard. If people are looking up to me literally, then why not set a tall standard morally in showing kindness, diligence, and joy? Having transferred schools many times, I definitely stand out, but rather than trying to hide who I am, I keep my head up and shine a brilliant smile. I started a competition with my friends to see how many people we could get to smile back at us as we walked down a hallway to class, and being able to see much farther than them, I often won! Preparing for college, I relate to the other girls in that I need all of the financial help I can get to make my dreams of nursing come true. I want my patients to feel loved and special regardless of their height or build. Being tall doesn’t make us better, it just makes us unique. We have been given a different point of view, distinct skills, and special opportunities to chase our dreams.

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